Chrysalis Moon 2014, a celebration of
diversity & tribe. July 9-13
We invite you to join us at the best pagan mini-fest in the Midwest – Chrysalis Moon!
In November 2007, Elders from groups all over the Midwest met to discuss the possibility of
planning a new festival.  We came to the meeting in hopes of creating something magical, a
welcoming atmosphere for all faiths and a sense of community—of Tribe—that we felt was
lacking. We wanted it to be a close-knit community; a community that could build on the
past and point ourselves to the future in all Her possibilities.  Chrysalis Moon emerged,
bringing the gifts of magickal family and opportunities for spiritual growth, exploration and
Nearly 100 people came together at the first Chrysalis Moon in 2008 where we worked on
“Reweaving the Web.”  There was a feeling of excitement and hope as we celebrated our 2nd
festival: “Old Traditions through New Eyes.”  In 2012, our festivals 5th consecutive year, we
“Expanded Our Horizons” and now we prepare to open our “Wings In The Wind” and fly into
another great festival. We continue to appreciate the outpouring of support from our pagan
community as we build this Tribe. Thanks to all that support, we know Chrysalis Moon will
continue to be a festival to remember!
Chrysalis Moon
tippecanoe river state park
TippeCanoe River State park