.TREIBH NA TINTEAN (´try-v na tin ´tawn)

Agreements revised Nov. 2014

Who we are and what we are about~

Treibh na Tintean is Gaelic for “Clan of the Hearth.” It indicates that we are a family within a
family—a small part of the larger Pagan community and, for some of us, an important part of
being Unitarian Universalist. This circle is organized and managed by a group of Elders.

The Treibh can be thought of as an extended family, a sanctuary of kinship and mutual support.
The Treibh is the people; it’s a group of people who agree to come together for learning,
celebration, worship of the deities and fellowship. Not everyone in the Treibh will have the same
talents or needs, but everyone has a contribution to make to the whole. Members of the Treibh
must respect and be mindful of each other; we operate in the spirit of the Wiccan Rede in that
we follow its essence, “An it harm none, do what ye will.” If at any time, someone has a question
about what is acceptable and what is not, feel free to bring the topic up to any one of the Elders.
We are, above all, building a spiritual tradition. This tradition includes spiritual growth,
education and shared responsibility.

The following are the terms of agreement that go along with being in the Treibh:

1. There should be no drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of recreational drugs before a
Treibh gathering or ritual. Alcohol will be a part of the communion at most rituals. A non-
alcoholic alternative is available for nondrinkers and those under 21 years of age. Responsible
alcohol consumption is allowed for those of legal drinking age after the ritual.

2. If you arrive to ritual after it has begun, please wait (in your car or on a bench at the head of
the path or in the foyer of the church) until communion begins to gain entrance into the circle.
Respect the participants and the flow of ritual.

3. There will be a peace bond upon all members during Treibh gatherings. Not allowable are the
following: weapons on UUCJ property*, violent or disturbing behavior, screaming (except for
joy!), threatening, hazing, or roughhousing. Also unacceptable are stalking and inappropriate or
unwelcome sexual advances toward other Treibh members. Remember that “no” means “no.”
Gossiping and rumor-mongering are strongly discouraged.

* Exceptions will be made for those calling a Direction or casting the circle.

4. Ask the person officiating at a ritual before you place anything on the altar or in the ritual area.

5. Divination will take place outside of the sacred circle unless it is part of the ritual. If we are
outside, use one of the many benches outside of the circle for readings; if inside, there are
several side rooms that can be used. Readers must share our disclaimer (For entertainment
purposes only)  with those for whom they are reading. Disclaimer can be found in the files’
section of the Yahoo group.

6. If you have a dispute with another Treibh member or members, attempt to resolve the matter
between you and that person(s). If this fails or you are not comfortable doing so, or if the
dispute affects the Treibh as a whole it should be brought o the attention of the Elders. Any
ensuing discussion can take place privately. You are responsible for your own children. Please
respect ritual etiquette.

8. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a person who is 21 years old or older.

9. While many people have become far less secretive about their membership in pagan groups,
unless you have their permission respect everyone’s anonymity. Do not call a friend or
acquaintance by their pagan name or their affiliation with their pagan group when outside of the
Treibh’s ritual areas.

10. Photography and recordings may be made by the elders of the Treibh to help promote this
site. Please let an elder know in person or my e-mail if you are not comfortable being
photographed. (Creative cropping may be done in group photograph situations.)


All participants agree to arrive in plenty of time, but not more than one-half hour before the
posted gathering time. This gives everyone time to be ready and to be grounded for the ritual
itself (but out of the way during set up!).

Many of our Sabbat celebrations will include a potluck dinner. Please bring something to share.
If a Treibh member is in financial difficulty, there are many in-kind donations that can be made
instead: helping rearrange furniture, helping maintain the circle and woods – ask an Elder.

ALWAYS dress for the weather! We are Pagans—members of an earth-based spiritual tradition—
we prefer to be outside near the rest of nature. Many/most of our events are scheduled to be
held out in Covenant Woods. For each event, we will decide about 1 hour beforehand whether
the weather is cooperative!

There is NO SMOKING allowed in the ritual grove—that includes all of Covenant Woods. All
cigarette, e-cigarette, vaping, cigars or  smoking is to be done in the designated area at the
northwest corner of the church building.

If you have an idea (for a ritual, rite of passage, workshop, educational event, electronic posting,
invitations, policy or procedure suggestion) speak to an Elder. We encourage members to come
up with special occasion rituals and spell castings (such as a New Moon, Earth Day celebration,
baby naming, rite of passage, house blessing, visits to house-bound pagans, etc.)—we will help.

If you feel that our clan’s description matches your intentions and you can abide by these
Agreements and Procedures then—by all means—welcome! You are Treibh.

If there are any matters left un addressed in these Agreements or questions you may have,
please ask an Elder.
Welcome to ritual with Treibh na Tintean!  Treibh na Tintean is a Celtic-Eclectic
owned by, the Universalist Unitarian Church of Joliet.  This church is a Welcoming
Congregation that respects and honors people of all races, nationalities, sexes,
socio-economic classes, religions, ages, physical abilities, sexual orientations and  
gender identities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer folks.  
Many Treibh members are also church members.
We are an open Circle led by elders & we are all governed by the Treibh na
Tintean Agreements (which can be found on our website as well as in the "files"
areas of our Yahoo group & Facebook page).  A copy is available when you
pick up your ritual (if you do not already have them).  These Agreements help us
to help each other provide a safe, respectful and sacred environment for
Pagans, Heathens, Witches & other practitioners of related earth-based spiritual
paths in the Joliet area & south Chicago suburbs.  Treibh na Tintean strives to
respect and honor--in word and deed--all sincere participants in our circle.
By coming to ritual here, now, or by participating in any Treibh event, each of us
agrees to abide by all of the Treibh na Tintean Agreements for our worship and
fellowship here and in interactions with any and all Treibh members.  Those of us
who are the Treibh ritual & event facilitators wish you all a marvelous and
fulfilling spiritual experience tonight.  
By Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Spirit; by all our Gods, Goddesses & spirit guides: So
Mote It Be!
All posts on this page are to

1. Serve the purpose of coordinating Treibh events

2. Help advance the spiritual consciousness & activities of both the group &
individual Treibh members.

So, when anyone posts on this page, they will be expected to:

a. Express themselves in a polite and civil manner

b. Adhere to Treibh Agreements as posted on the Treibh website

c. Be truthful but thoughtful & prudent in their expression

d. Explain oneself clearly and briefly

d. Focus on spiritual matters; leave personal discussions & running arguments for
other channels, such as texts or private messaging

3. Unless previously approved by an elder, there is to be no advertisement of
wares on our social media pages.

Any post to this page not meeting these requirements will be deleted at the
discretion of the Web Mistress or site administrator.  
Happy conversing!  <|:-)