Meet The Elders!
Rev. Sandra Costa (AKA Sandy Foo): Hi, I’m Sandy Costa (Foo). I joined up
with the pagan group meeting at UUCJ in (I think) 2000. [I would have been here sooner if I hadn’t
been frightened off by Gini Jones saying, “you should come to our Church!”] I am a founding elder of
Treibh na Tintean (circa 2002, 3?). Born a Pagan, raised Roman Catholic, I found the Goddess after
leaving the Church (the first time). I am a mostly Celtic eclectic Pagan, a Reiki Master Teacher and
Practitioner, initiated into dhyan yoga, in my 3rd year of classes with Circle Sanctuary’s Minister in
Training program. I am ordained through Universal Ministries. I am a jewelry artist specializing in
semi-precious stones, a writer and free-lance editor, sometime adjunct English professor and loud-
mouth activist. I love creating rituals of all kinds, performing hand fastings and rites of passage...and
chanting, lots of chanting.
Scott Marshall         I grew up in the UCC church, where the view of the
Wisconsin pines and bluffs out out of the glass wall of the sanctuary was as important as the
indoor liturgy.  My first encounters with Pagans was through the sci-fi convention community
in Paganistan.  I learned more as I researched male and female hero- and life-cycles and
feminist praxis.  
  I first began Pagan practice in public feminist circles about 25 years ago, have been part of the
UUCJ Pagan Circle for nearly 20 years, and have been a Treibh elder for about five? years.  My
Celtic ancestry is Welsh & a tiny bit Irish.
Denise Curry: I have been a practicing pagan for 19 years. I feel that my spirituality is
rooted in the natural cycles around me and find strength and joy being out in nature and listening to
all she has to tell me.   I have been an elder of Treibh na Tintean since its founding and have enjoyed
creating ritual space so that others can also share in making a connection with the natural world. I
use the Celtic calendar to mark the turning of the Wheel, but am open to various traditions because as
a good Unitarian Universalist, I know there is always more than one path to the truth.
Rev. Jennifer Borovicka-Zawitaj (AKA Jenna
Hi! I'm Jenna! I have been a 'pagan' since I can remember- I just didn't
know what to call it at the time. I became an ordained member of the Universal Life Church in 1999,
and started my own training group around 2000. A few years ago I was asked top become an Elder
of Treibh na Tintean and gladly accepted. I love honoring the position of 'Spirit' since I feel
comfortable walking above and below! My favorite color is Purple (favorite non color is Black). Least
favorite color is Orange (Least favorite pattern is paisley amoebas). Favorite animal is the wolf,
although I love all Canids. Favorite tree: Oak (although Birch runs very close behind). as far as the
Craft, I love working with the pendulum. My tradition stems from traditional European paganism.I'm
a cancer.... Oh yea... and I run this website!!
Foo with Harmon the Parliament Bat of Peace
Need a new pic!!
Richard Wachenheim/PrairieWizardI am a reasonable environmentalist
natural area restorationist getting my hands dirty druid; always thinking about how every little thing
that I do in my life will affect my living as well as others in an urban environment that once was not
paved over with artificial hard surfaces and subdivisions; finding the magick in this urban area dotted
with postage stamp sanctuaries of green space that are holding areas of native flora and fauna that
most peoples are vaguely aware of.  I am a conservative pagan who is sadden and hurt by people who
do not respect the gender identity, race, sexual orientation and exploitation of
women/children/indigenous people.  I do not respect those who tax and pass legislation that creates
hardships for those who are less fortunate.  On the outside I may come across as harsh and
unemotional; but the spirit/soul inside of me is one of love, affection and tolerance.  Tolerance,
because I know you may not have the same beliefs as me and I know I must accept who you are and be
positive towards you.  I am Druid; following the goddesses and teachings of Brigid, Danu, Flidais;
exhorting Medusa as a reincarnated goddess to fight fracking and other harmful environmental
disasters to our MOTHER. My animal spirit is the Griffin. I follow the fairie tradition.